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Neil Cameron Productions (NCP) created over 25 events, celebrations & festivities across the breadth of Australia. This company was renowned for the creation of epic scale, outdoor theatre events & celebrations.
These events, created from lantern parades of 100s of participants and the utilisation of revolutionary pyrotechnic imagery, regularly culminated in the burning of an enormous central bonfire 16m in height. Many shows involved casts of over 1000 performers & audiences ranged from 5 - 16,000, to being broadcast globally to millions.

In her eleven years with N.C.P. Margie developed a strong commitment to Ritual Theatre & Celebratory Art. She was Assistant Director of the company itself as well as Assistant Director of shows since 1995. Margie became Co-Artistic Director of shows spanning the last 5 years of the company's life & she has trained in every aspect of outdoor ritual with this company, from lantern making to production management & pyrotechnic design to artistic direction.


In 2001 NCP created 'River Of Light' as the Event o f National Significance for Queensland as part of the Centenary of Federation Celebrations. The event was designed as a monumental lantern boat parade including over 80 vessels. Every boat was rigged with lanterns forming illuminated stage environments for the many different ethnic communities & school groups represented on each barge. Margie was concurrently Assistant Director of this project & Designer of the 24m lantern and performance installation ‘Balinese barge’.

On December 31st 2000, at the turn of the Millennium, the Woodford Folk Festival Fire Event 'The Beacon' was televised globally as part of an ABC/ BBC/ NBC satellite link up of New Year festivities. Margie was Co-Artistic Director of this event, part of which, aside form creating performance schedules for a cast of over 1000 people, involved liaising with the ABC to create a show that could run to an exacting time frame - given international broadcast satellite requirements.

Margie worked on over 25 productions performing the following roles: Co-Artistic Director, Production Manager, Assistant Producer / Director, Designer, Maker & Performer.

Neil Cameron Productions - show reel from margie mackay on Vimeo.


Gathering of the City Ceremony Design: Performance and Installations Illuminated By Fire Quiet Emergency Longing, Belonging, Land Copy of Song of Ourselves Inside Light Green Dangerous Divas Dreamtime @ the G - 2010 & 2011

Ritual Performance

Margie Mackay Ritual Performance


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