Walking with Spirits

Walking with Spirits © Margie Mackay
Presented by Djilpin Arts in partnership with the Australian Shakespeare Company, WALKING WITH SPIRITS is Beswick Community’s annual open cultural celebration.

Held 20 kms from the Community at the spectacular wilderness location Malkgulumbu, WALKING WITH SPIRITS features traditional corroborree from several Arnhem Land languages together with songs and stories told in dance, music, puppetry, fire and film.

Initiated by the community in 2002, WALKING WITH SPIRITS is held every year. Visitors are invited to camp for the weekend in this spectacular lakeside setting, open to the public only once a year.

Margie Mackay and Bernard Nagle collaborated on creating fire drawings and sculptures for the festival in 2009.


Copy of Song of Ourselves Gathering of the City Ceremony Design: Performance and Installations Longing Belonging Land Illuminated By Fire Copy of  Gilbert Douglas Choreography The Aviatrix The Hunting Party Design: Performance and Installations

Ritual Performance

Margie Mackay Ritual Performance


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