Copy of Song of Ourselves

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Song of Ourselves

In 2007 Margie designed and directed ‘Song of Ourselves – a meditation on reconciliation’ as her final Master of Theatre Design performance piece at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Song of Ourselves was an expression of the desire to acknowledge and recognise injustices and to imagine not simply the possibility of redressing imbalance, but of navigating and ‘imaging’ future directions together.

It was performed 8 months before the Prime Minister's historic National Apology of 2008 to the Stolen Generations, and also formed the culmination of Margie's Master's studies in Theatre Design and Ritual Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

Margie was awarded the prestigious Margaret Lawrence Social Justice Award in support of this work.

Director’s note:

The great disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia is a source of shame and sadness to many of us.

It seems to me, that the desperate situation with Indigenous health, the outrageous disavantage and dislocation that past and present policies have perpetuated within communities, along with what seems like an ingrained disrespect towards indigenous cultural differences are the direct result of intolerance, arrogance and the tacit greed of mainstream society.

As a nation, we are desperately in need of developing an awareness of histories older than we can imagine, and honouring cultures and wisdoms richer than we have ever given credence for, or paid respect to.


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Ritual Performance

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