Dreamtime at the G

Dreamtime at the G
Dreamtime at the G
Dreamtime at the G
Director, Production Manager and Designer 2010-2013 (inclusive)
'Dreamtime at the G' is part of the AFL Indigenous round & the event Margie and her team created for four years, was the televised Pre–match Contemporary Ceremonies. Working alongside Aunty Joy Wandin Murphy, The AFL events team, Professional artists, musicians, dancers, and community members the team created contemporary ceremonies that celebrated Indigenous ancestry, artistry by melding contemporary and traditional forms.

Dreamtime at the G 2013 from margie mackay on Vimeo.

D@G 2012 from margie mackay on Vimeo.


Copy of  Gilbert Douglas Choreography Quiet Emergency Design: Performance and Installations Longing Belonging Land Quiet Emergency Longing, Belonging, Land Song of Ourselves Dangerous Divas Dreamtime @ the G - 2010 & 2011

Ritual Performance

Margie Mackay Ritual Performance


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