Gathering of the City Ceremony

Gathering of the City Ceremony
Gathering of the City Ceremony
Gathering of the City Ceremony
Mountain to Mouth 2016, Gathering of the City Geelong Connected Communities Ceremony

Mountain to Mouth, Geelong's two day 80km Extreme Arts walk. Over 500 people registered to walk across the event, including 47 who completed the entire 80 kilometres, while over 6000 people attended the ceremonies that took place.

Together they contributed to the creation of a contemporary songline – a pathway across the regions of Geelong and Queenscliff inspired by traditional Indigenous pathways used for thousands of years to navigate across the land through song, story, dance and painting. Over 70 artists were commissioned to create work across the twelve walking circles and three ceremonies, which addressed issues relating to the environment they were set in as well as responding to this year's theme of “Air”.

The Gathering of the City Ceremony was created with the participation of over 60 performers and made a visually dazzling and heatwarming display of music and dance as people from a range of cultures and backgrounds came together to celebrate diversity.


Design: Performance and Installations Longing Belonging Land Gathering of the City Ceremony Copy of Song of Ourselves Illuminated By Fire Dreamtime at the G Inside Light Green N.C.P. Song of Ourselves

Ritual Performance

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